Africa Agriculture Production is a project company with the aim to identify suitable land and develop commercial farms on the continent of Africa, including Indian Ocean, Islands such as Mauritius and Madagascar that form part of SADC


Africa Agriculture Production is a project company with the aim to identify suitable land and develop commercial farms on the continent of Africa, including Indian Ocean, Islands such as Mauritius and Madagascar that form part of SADC . Africa Agriculture Production focus on developing commercial farms in identified areas where there are stable government, infrastructure, water and access to markets. The commercial farms become the hub for rural socio-economic development, job creation and skills transfer, thus ensuring local food security.


We have developed a unique model to assist and empower small scale and subsistence farmers that will ensure higher yield per hectare with off take agreements in conjunction with large scale commercial agriculture. Our farms are involved in the total value chain, from cultivating to processing and distributing hi value products into the market, locally, in the region and international.


Africa Agriculture Production develops projects with the focus on the total value chain, from producing to refining and export of high value commodities. We also assist Governments in Africa to revitalise the agro pastoral industry and assist with policy making and execution of agro poles.

Our footprint covers the continent from East to West, linking Angola on the west coast of Africa to Mozambique on the east coast of Africa. We focus on title deeds or long-term renewable leases that are published in the country of business.


The farms that have been developed includes, but are not limited to Macadamia production, Moringa, oil and powder production, stevia, blue berries, beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, Saffron, Honey, potatoes and cash crops such as maize, wheat, soy beans and peanuts. The extend of the farms that we develop normally covers 10 000 hectares per unit, but we have also developed smaller units.


The focus of production is on precision farming and we use high tech equipment in all of our operations. We have strategic partners in every domain, from chemicals to seed companies including fertilizer, processing plants and storage, irrigation including pivots, micro and drip irrigation.

Every farm has a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure compliance with ISO’s, chemical analysis of micro elements and traceability of export products back to the field of production.


Africa Agriculture Production assists with all statuary requirements, permits and land acquisition. We work hand in glove with Local, Provincial and National Governments. We also maintain good relations with tribal authorities and respect the history, culture and practices of the host country. We normally negotiate a tax holiday and also assist with import and export permits.


The essence of our model is to establish a company in the country of operation and we partner with prospective farmers, where we cluster a small group of commodity specialists into a shareholding system. Africa Agriculture Production assist with the business model and engage with a funding platform to ensure capex, working capital and acquisition of land.


Agriculture Development

Africa Agriculture is an agriculture project platform that assists with commercial agriculture development in Africa, Mauritius and Europe.

Managing Director

The Managing Director is Andre Botha, a commercial farmer with extensive experience in farming in Africa.

Financial Director

The Financial Director is Manie Grobler, a professional accountant with extensive experience in agriculture

Our Offices

Our Group Head Office is situated in Mauritius, Continent Head office is in Springs, Gauteng and we have regional offices in each of the countries where we have farms and projects.



Zambia – A total of 33 000 hectares in the South of Zambia (Livingstone) and in the Copperbelt with extension of a further 20 000 hectares earmarked for the Northern part of Zambia.

Angola – Africa Agriculture Production have been appointed as a strategic partner for the Angola Government to assist in revitalizing the agricultural sector. Seven different projects are in the process of being scoped comprising of 60 000 hectares under irrigation. Focus will be on diverse farming operations including, but not limited to cash crops, nuts and berries, livestock, game and hunting.

Mozambique – Currently busy developing one of the biggest honey production entities. Cattle, citrus, bananas, nuts (Macadamia, Cashew and ground nuts) and cash crop farming currently under investigation with special attention to irrigation.

Ivory Coast – Developing the first of 9 agro poles in the country. First agro pole being developed in Tiebissou with 8 000 ha under cash crops and a further 7 000 ha for high value export commodities. Red meat production and milk production to start under phase 2.

Gambia – Production of staple food and red meat linked to dairy and high value crops for export. A total of 5 different agro poles will be developed during the next 5 years.

Mauritius – Currently busy planning a total revamp of the agriculture industry on 10 000 hectares. Erecting of processing facilities, storage facilities, research facilities and production units linked to fruit, vanilla, berries, red and white meat.

South Africa – Cash crops combined with cattle (Romagnola stud and Holstein stud) on the eastern highveld with 18 000 hectares in the Karoo for sheep, saffron and medicinal plants. Extraction of essential elements to supply to the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry.


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